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To complete your registration process please make sure you have completed the WAIT LIST AGREEMENT and the WAIT LIST APPLICATION. 

    THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into by and between WESTMINSTER VILLAGE, INC., an ARIZONA NON-PROFIT CORPORATION, (“Westminster") and ("Applicant"), for the Life Care facility known as Westminster Village.

    FOR, AND IN CONSIDERATION OF, the Wait List Deposit of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) or Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) which the Applicant has paid Westminster, Applicant will be placed on a Wait List for:

    Terms and Conditions:

    1. The Entrance Fee or Community Membership Fee for the unit type selected shall be the rate indicated on the current Westminster Village “Schedule of Fees” effective on the date the Applicant elects to accept an available unit. There is no time limit to remaining on the Wait List. The Monthly Service Fee applicable to that unit type shall be the rate effective on the date the Applicant elects to accept an available unit, as indicated on Westminster’s “Schedule of Fees.”

    2. This Agreement is not binding upon either party as to the intent to establish residency or right of residence until such time as a Residence Agreement has been duly executed and all monies required to be paid by said Residence Agreement have been deposited with Westminster or its authorized agent.

    3. Applicant's name will be maintained on a Wait List in the order of priority established by the date of this Agreement. This Agreement pertains only to Applicant's position on the Wait List, and Westminster makes no representation to Applicant, and Applicant understands there is noguarantee, as to when the type of unit indicated above may be offered for occupancy.

    4. Westminster will notify Applicant by telephone or in writing as to the availability of a unit. Applicant may “pass” on an offered unit and will maintain his/her position on the Wait List.

    5. When Westminster notifies the Applicant of the availability of the desired unit, the Applicant shall have ten (10) business days from the date of the notice in which to complete the Residence Agreement and documents required to establish "Resident" status. With the execution of the Residence Agreement, the Wait List deposit will be credited towards the Residence Agreement deposit. If the Applicant does not execute the required documents within the specified period of time, the Applicant thereby forfeits the
    right to the offered apartment but maintains the same position the Wait List for the desired unit.

    6. In order to establish "Resident" status, Applicant must meet all physical, mental, financial, and age qualifications for residency at the time of establishing residence as specified in the form of Residence Agreement being utilized at that time.

    7. The Wait List Deposit is fully refundable to the Applicant at any time, for any reason, by submitting written notice of request for refund to Westminster. Upon such request, Applicant forfeits his position on the Wait List and forfeits any and all benefits of this Agreement.

    Approved this day of