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The Westminster Village Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable, not for profit corporation and a 509(a)3, a publicly supported organization.

What is the Foundation?

The Westminster Village Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable, not-­for-­profit corporation and a 509(a)3 publicly supported organization.

What is Our Mission?

Our Mission is to raise funds, invest and disburse them for the sole benefit of Westminster Village, Inc.

What Needs Have Been Identified?

Some Residents, due to circumstances out of their control, need financiaPhoto Pond copyl assistance to maintain residency. Our Charitible Purpose is that Residents will never be asked to leave because of such circumstance. This is the intent for contributions to the Residents’ Assistance Fund.

Some Employees wish to continue their academic education, and some wish to become citizens. Contributions to the Employee Scholarship Fund help off­set their costs and help them reach their goal. This benefit has been instrumental in recruiting good Employees and reducing turnover.

Donations that are not designated for a particular fund are used where the need is greatest. Examples are a Chapel, a spa, the Jayhawk Lounge, a new bus, two aquaria, two koi ponds and many campus improvements. These funds are designated the General Fund.

How Can I Help?

There are many ways to help, such as:

  • Assets, such as gifts of cash, real estate or personal property, such as an automobile, may be donated. Contributions of stocks, bonds or mutual funds may also be made. Donating an unneeded, paidup insurance policy is another way to help.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities can be purchased. The purchaser of an annuity receives a return on the annuity significantly greater than that provided by other investments.
  • Bequests, by remembering the Foundation in your Will or Estate Planning, no matter the amount, are always welcome and will help preserve the legacy of giving.
  • Friends of the Foundation: As a Resident, you may make a monthly pledge through the “Friends of the Foundation” program. The amount of your pledge will be added to your monthly statement each month. Employees also have the opportunity to make monthly contributions through payroll deductions.

How Can I Make a Donation?

  1. Use our secure Online Donation Form to make a donation;
  2. By mail, send your check, payable to Westminster Village Foundation, to:
    Westminster Village Foundation
    c/o Administration
    12000 N. 90th Street
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260
  3. Email us at The.foundation@wmvaz.com
  4. Call us at 480-451-2009

How Are Our Benefactors Honored?

The “Gifts of Love” visible tribute, located in the Lobby, honors our generous benefactors and celebrates that our heritage is deep and strong. Names are placed on the wall for donations of $1000 or more through a one time gift or continued support.

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