People often say, “There’s just something so different about Westminster Village.” At first Lunch-Lightboxglance, it’s hard to put your finger on what makes our community so special. Perhaps it’s the friendly smiles you see around every corner… the infectious laughter that rises above the spirited conversations among old and new friends… or the feeling of belonging to a community.
Maybe it’s the peace of mind you see in the faces of those you meet who no longer worry about the demands of owning a large home or their future health care needs. Maybe it’s the new freedom to just be yourself and live each day as you choose. Whatever it is, we invite you to become a part of it… the celebrate life and the art of living well.


Westminster Village is Scottsdale’s premier, not-for-profit life care retirement community. Located at the southeast corner of the 101 and Cactus Road in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, it was founded in 1988 by a group of friends and neighbors, who envisioned a community where people could continue their accustomed lifestyles and be assured of lifelong health care. Their idea was to assure dignity & independent living for people in their later years.

Westminster Village, Inc. is not owned by any individual or group. There are no shareholders making a profit at our residents’ expense. Any and all revenue generated goes back into the community to provide services to our residents. This successful community is guided by a community-based, 14-member volunteer Board of Directors, who ensure our residents’ needs are identified and met. We know our residents are our most important customers and understanding their issues and concerns is our top priority. We rely on our Residents’ Council for valuable input and feedback. The Council consists of nine elected representatives who meet monthly. Its highest priority is to maintain cooperation and communication between the residents, management and our Board of Directors.

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